Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler was a German physician who became interested in the inorganic salts that the human body is composed of after practicing homeopathy for 15 years. 1873 is considered the birth year of biochemistry because of him. In 1874, he published his first work titled “An Abridged Therapy on the Basis of Physiology and Cellular Pathology,” where he proposed the thesis that the inorganic substances in blood and tissues are sufficient to cure all curable diseases. However, this statement is true today only in a limited sense, as these substances help cure certain diseases and regulate constitutional disturbances.

Course under Central Council of Bio-Chemic and Complex Homoeo Medicine with Research in India

1. Diploma in Bio-chemic System of Medicine(D.M.B.S.) – 3 years and 6 months

2. Bachelor of Bio-chemic System of Medicine (B.M.B.S.) – 2 Years and 6 months

Biochemical Processes

Recent research has greatly improved our understanding of biochemical processes, including natural science, regulatory pathology, and neural pathology in medicine. Sodium and potassium ions have an antagonistic tendency with calcium ions to establish equilibrium. The sodium and potassium vagus-stimulating effect is offset by the sympathetic effect of calcium. The biochemical method of administering potentized homoeopathic remedies should not be viewed simply as a substitution method for deficient substances since all these salts are provided in far larger quantities in our food.

The 12 minerals salts

1.    Calcarea Fluorica (Cac. Fluor.)
2.    Calcarea phosphoric (Cac. phos.)
3.    Ferrum phosphoricum (Derr.Phos.)
4.    Kalium muriaticum (Calc.mur.)
5.    Kalium phosphoricum (Kali.phos.
6.    Kalium sulfuricum (Kali.Sulf.)
7.    Magnesis phosphoric (Mag. Phos.)
8.    Natrium muriaticum (Nat. mur.)
9.    Natrium phosphoric (Nat. Phos.)
10.    Natrium sulfuricum (Nat. sulf.)
11.    Silicea
12.    Calcarea sulfuric (Calc. sulf.)

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