The Homoeopathy school is an affiliated by ‘Bharat Sevak Samaj’, National Development Agency, Promoted by Govt. of India, Organization constitution & functioning of ‘Bharat Sevak Samaj’ approved by the Planning commission, Govt. of India, collaboration by ‘Indira Gandhi National Open University’ & ‘M G University’ Approved by UGC& DEC, The organization Center Code No. W.B./5077, And Central Council of Biochemic and Complex Homoeo Medicine with Research in India, 146, Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani, Kolkata-700009, Indira Gandhi Siksha Niketan [Schussler Biochemic Medical College & Hospital] which is legally constituted and as a voluntary educational Institute under the Indian Trust. Act. Which Collaborated by ‘Bharatgarh Schussler Rural Medical Society’.The Institute conducted various medical courses in fields of Homoeopathic & Biochemic, Naturopathy, Nursing [Nursing Aids] education by the instated condense courses, such as :

  1. BSS. Diploma in Homoeopathy
  2. BSS. Diploma in Homoeo & Flower Remedies
  3. BSS. Diploma in Homoeopathic Science [D.H.S.]
  4. BSS. Advance Diploma in Homoeopathic
  5. BSS. Advance Diploma in Homoeopathic & F.R. [Gynecology/Pediatric/Sexology]
  6. Diploma of Biochemic System of Medicine [D.M.B.S]
  7. Bachelor of Biochemic System of Medicine [B.M.B.S.]
  8. Register Medical Practioner [RMP]

By Central Council of Biochemic & C. H. Medicine with Research in India, It has identified Homoeopathy.& Biochemic. In the field of Homoeopathy & Biochemic health care to propagate to prospective students.

Administration set up:
The Director/Coordinator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Institute must be addressed of its, The Director will have supervisory control over the Institute.

The vision of our Institute:
To the Homoeopathy Institute, a student-focused learning community recognized of its teaching; Practical training by charitable traveling medical camp in rural villages.

Salient Features:
1. A registered Medical Practitioner under the Central Council of Biochemic and Complex Homoe. Medicine with Research in India will be declared as a Bio. The qualified practitioner of a Biochemic system of treatment as provided in the Rules and regulations of the Central Council of Biochemic & Complex Homoeo. Medicine with Research in India.
2. Bharat Sevak Samaj Registered Homoeopath only Medical knowledge, not a doctor.
3. A Registered Biochemic Medical practitioner will be entitled to issue Medical Certificates to the Patients, as a Biochemic doctor.

Age: Should not be less than 18 years,
Class: 11am to 3pm
Teaching: English / Bengali

The Institute under the name ‘Indiragandhi Siksha Nike tan, & Schussler Medical College [Bharatgarh Schuller Rural Medical Society] consisting of a group of eminent people taken from the different cross-section of the society has been established to set up an Institute. The Institute will go a long way to make the massive unemployed educated youth of the state and other nearby regions qualified for rendering adequate homoeopathy services through intensive training and thereby help them to have potential employment opportunities. This will be a unique way to eradicate acute unemployment problem of the state as well and thereby will be able to serve the people with better services as qualified homoeopathy; This will help them to develop the Homoeopathy service as a cottage industry and achieve the benefit of community development through wages and jobs;

Rules & Regulations:
The ‘Indiragandhi Siksha Niketan’ [Schussler Biochemic Medical College & Hospital] has been established to prove higher education in the field of Homoeopathy condense education and other upcoming important fields eminent homoeopathy education.

1. The medium of Examination will be in English, Hindi or mother tongue of the student and all courses condense system,

2. Application form.

3. Each candidate shall be examined according to the scheme of examination and syllabus as approved by the Bharat Sevak Samaj & Central Council of Biochemic & Complex Homoeo. Medicine Research in India.

4. Examination timetable, Admit Card with Roll Number and place of Examination will be informed directly by the Institute, if a Candidate does not receive any information in reference to the above he/she should immediately contact the office.

5. The examination will be tentatively conducted during the month of April to March, and January to December/every year.

6. In any condition the fees are nonrefundable/ adjustable;

7. Examination center particular in the Institution,

8. Practical Examination even application will be conduct at centers under the direction and supervision of control of the Institute.

9. Information the Bharat Sevak Samaj: –

a] BSS courses, b] BSS Approved Inst.[W.B./5077],

10. Suggested proposed new courses *,

1. Passport Photocopy 4 copies,
2. Education qualification[Photocopy] and Identification,
3. Payment slip/fees,
4. Application form,
5. Residential Identity [Voter/Adhere] Card,

The college uniform is compulsory for every student, the male student wears a white shirt and Black Pant, the Female student Pink Sari with White Blouse.

1. You can start your own Practice after the completion of the course Mark sheet and Certif. to be done by Bharat Sevak Samaj, National Develop. Agency, Planning Commissioner, Promoted by Govt. of India, Certificates with Mark list, Free study materials.

2.B.M.B.S. Marks sheet, Registration, Certificate byCCB.CH,


The examination will be conducted after every semester/study Materials, on successful completion of the payment.


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